There are so many ways to reduce falls risk by changing your home environment, it is a topic of riches.  Those of you who responded to the 2019 Thanksgiving Survey had a preference for “home changes other than grab bars and railings.”

Since I cannot totally resist a few notes about grab bars and railings, please see the Grab Bars & Railings page for that topic. The main focus for Issue #2, responding to your preference, is in the subsection Floors, Doors, and Heights.

One general note about home modifications: Your home was perfect for you (or you made changes) when you moved in, at an earlier time in your life. Perhaps you made changes over the years.

Since then, needs have changed or your focus on prevention has changed. The “age at home” movement emphasizes how you can adapt rather than relocate. When you consider the costs of some changes, think about the costs of a) moving, and b) injury. Also, you will find that most changes are free!

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