Survey Feedback

Thanksgiving 2019 Survey Feedback

As a group, about half of participants in the Survey were 65 and over (49%) and lived in their own homes (95%). They lived in 15 states and 3 countries.

This is a not a random sample representing a larger population. It is a small (less than 100) convenience sample and therefore should only be taken as a possible indicator of what others might say.

Despite being only a convenience sample, this group resembles the national population in some ways: about 40% experienced a fall in the past year, about half (53%) of those who fell were injured by that

Getting Safer. Among all participants, 40% made one or more changes to prevent falls. The most frequent changes reported:

  • being more careful, not multi-tasking, slowing down
  • holding on to banisters/railings on stairs
  • being aware of balance, using walking poles, staying inside when icy weather
  • remaining fit, joined Silver Sneakers
  • bought sneakers, shoes with treads, shoes with good grip
  • cleaned up floors, picked up throw rugs
  • got sturdy step stool, no ladders

Your Priorities for More Information. We asked what safety topics were of interest.

  • The greatest consensus, about half (53%), was for information about Balance.
  • Other areas with about 40% to 50% interest included: home modifications, food and water, sleep and incontinence, social isolation, fear of falling, strength building, chronic conditions, and decluttering.
  • The remaining areas had low consensus, which is to say there were many different interests.

Your Suggestions about “Moving More.” Most frequent responses were:

  • creating interruptions with alarm clocks or apps
  • using interruptions to do exercises, yoga
  • create walk paths in the home and use them during television commercials
  • walking while talking on cell phone, walking meetings
  • doing activities with children/grandchildren

A general concern about moving more was noted: some people find movement involves pain. An alternative thought was “do what moves you.”

Impact of Your Feedback

  1. With the high degree of consensus in mind, this Issue expands the Fitness section, adding to the sub-section Balance.
  2. Based on participant interest, will address an additional priority lifesaver in each upcoming Issue, beginning in this Issue. See the Lifesavers section, sub-sections Grab Bars & Railings and Floors, Doors, & Heights.
  3. The suggestions about moving more were very helpful. We examine them further in Lifesaverssub-section, Move More.

Thanks for your participation in the Survey! Your guidance for this new website is helping all of us avoid falls and Live Well Longer! Watch for a new survey in 2020.



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