Log Sheet for Improving Fitness

Because fitness exercises involve slow and steady progression or building over time, it is important to record the important elements. The example below is just one illustration. You can copy the blank at the bottom, or make your own.


Plan: I will begin with what I can do in 10-15 minutes/day, five days/week for the first week, with focus on balance and lower body strength. 

Day and Date Type of Exercise Name of Exercise No. of Reps

or Distance

No. of Sets

or Time

Thurs/Feb 20 Balance Leg raise 8 1
Friday/Feb 21 Strength Building Standing from chair 5 1
Mon/Feb 24 Balance Tandem walk 5 feet 5 min.
Tues/Feb 25 Strength Building Bench step-ups 5 1


Steps for Keeping a Log

  1. Get a notebook or bound journal and add columns to a few pages, add the headers. Or, make copies of the blank table below.
  2. With one page/copy, make your plan for each week. Begin with Week One.
  3. Revise your plan as you go along. Each day of exercise will give you feedback about what you can do.
  4. Make new or revised plans every week or so.
  5. Keep this log book with you when you exercise at home, outside, in a gym, wherever.  Write down what you do as you do it.


Blank Sample:

Day and Date Type of  Exercise Name of Exercise No.of Reps

or Distance

No. of Sets

or Time


Watch Out

If you have not worked out in a long while, ask for help. Your doctor or physical therapist can guide you.

Do not overdo it, especially at first. It could feel fine in the moment and become sore later. Start up slow, and build in small steps.  After a few workouts, you will have a better sense of what you can do.


You have started on or returned to a great journey! You deserve to be proud of yourself!

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