Overview of the Menu Tabs

There are five tabs. We are in the first one, Home. It has two subsections, this one, Menu, and another one, About.

The second tab is Lifesavers. These are the evidence-based approaches that can protect health and wellness, preserve independence and optimize quality of life. 

This Issue of features three fitness lifesavers:

  • AEROBIC exercise

In Science News, we post the latest information about falls risk and ways to reduce those risks. The first post is The Inactivity Problem.

References and Notes follow.

Survey, the fourth tab, offers an opportunity for you to shape this website. We all benefit from a dynamic exchange about falls prevention, so please click on this tab to learn more about it and take the Thanksgiving 2019 Falls Prevention Survey. This survey is open until mid-February so please “take the survey.”

Thus, we have two sources of falls prevention wisdom on this site – the news from the world of science and the views from all of us!

The fifth tab is Contact where you can send your comments or suggestions to us, and also sign up if you want to receive notification of future Issues.


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